Salouti EYE Clinic

Certified Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015

Dr. Ramin Salouti

Surgeon, Ophthalmologist, Cornea Specialist (University of Melbourne)
Professor of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

Cornea Transplant, Cataract, Laser, and Refractive Surgeries
PRK, Trans PRK, Femto Lasik, SMILE, ICL, Supracor

Equipped with the newest
and most advanced Ocular imaging devices

Get to know Dr. Salouti

  • The first rank in Iranian Board Certification in Ophthalmology
  • The gold medal winner and the first rank in the International Council of Ophthalmology examination affiliated with the University of Cambridge
  • The founder of modern-day cataract surgery (phacoemulsification) in Fars province in 1991
  • The founder of Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty surgery (DALK) using the Melles method in Iran in 2002
  • The founder of the sutureless cornea transplant procedure (DSAEK) in Fars province in 1991
  • The founder of cornea transplant (DMEK) in Iran in 2009
  • The founder of lamellar laser cornea transplant procedure (Femto enable dalk) using the Melles method in Iran in 2009
  • The record holder of the largest number of intraocular lens surgeries (ICL) in Iran
Laser and Refractive Surgery
Cataract Surgery
Cornea Transplant Surgery

Providing all Ophthalmic and Corneal Services

  • Performing all vision correction and glass removal procedures
  • Different types of corneal transplantation and laser-assisted cataract surgery
  • Paraclinical services and ocular imaging
  • Optometry and lens prescription
  • Optical Center
  • Research Center

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