Optical Center

Optical Center

Our optical center is located on the first floor of  Salouti Eye Clinic. This center is under the supervision of our expert optometrists and is utilizing an efficient and specialized workforce and the latest technology.  We are dedicated to providing you with the most technologically advanced lenses and the latest styles of eyeglasses.

In this center, we offer you thousands of frames and lens options to fit your budget and style, affordable and competitive prices, frame adjustments and repairs, and many other related services.

In this center, the latest designs and technology in lenses are provided. For instance, hoya progressive lenses are just like having multiple spectacles in one lens. these lenses have a gradual curvature on their surface that result in clearer vision at near and far distances, and also in between. Hoya progressive lenses are utilized by the award-winning Free Form Design technology preparing for your the right progressive lens that matches your individual needs. The Integrated double-surface design resulting from this technology calculates the front and back surface of the lens individually in order to work together more coordinate.

For more information, you can contact us at +98-7136291128.